Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013 – Shortlisted!

Posted on March 30, 2013


Phew, through the first round! Fingers crossed until the end of May please!

“As in recent years the range of printmaking practices will be explored and an emphasis will be placed on works of a moderate size, which will return to their traditional home in the Small Weston Room. The common ground between photography and painting will be investigated in one of the larger galleries and the meeting points between sculpture and architecture will also be considered.

It is hoped that architects will submit pieces which will contribute to this dialogue and Eva Jiricna and Richard MacCormac are keen to receive works that express conceptual ideas, rather than more formal presentations.”

Summer Exhibition Co-ordinators 2013
Norman Ackroyd and Eva Jiricna

Selection and Hanging Committee
Anne Desmet, Peter Freeth, Richard MacCormac, John Maine, Humphrey Ocean, Mick Rooney, John Wragg



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